How to customize your Windows Terminal with custom themes and color schemes

If you’re using Windows for your development work like I am, you’ll want to quickly customize your Windows Terminal application to have a better color scheme combination.

Here’s a quick video on how to do it 📺

Here’s the text guide, too!

First, download ColorTool on GitHub and extract the source from the ZIP file.

In your terminal, navigate to the downloaded ColorTool source, and apply a theme from the provided schemes folder:

./ColorTool.exe -x schemes/solarized_dark.itermcolors

A neat feature of ColorTool is that it supports iTerm2 themes. iTerm2-Color-Schemes is a popular GitHub repo with 230+ color schemes for the iTerm2 terminal, but ColorTool allows you to apply them to your Windows Terminal too! Check out, find the theme you want, and save the file locally.

Once the file has been saved locally, move it into the ColorTool/schemes directory, and apply it in the same way as you applied the Solarized theme. In the video, I use Dracula+:

./ColorTool.exe -x schemes/Dracula+.itermcolors