How to check the installed version of Node.js

Understanding your Node.js version is crucial for managing your software environment. Check it with these steps:

  1. Launch your Command Line Interface (CLI), be it Command Prompt, PowerShell, or Terminal.
  2. Type the following command and hit Enter:
$ node -v
  1. Your CLI will promptly display your current Node.js version. Note that the ‘v’ denotes ‘version’.

Most tutorials would stop here. But if you have a complex developer environment setup, what happens if that version number isn’t what you expect?

  1. Check where the node command is coming from
$ which node
  1. If you’re expecting that path to be somewhere else, it could be due to your PATH, which tells the CLI where to look for commands/executables, and importantly, in what order:
$ echo $PATH
  1. For instructions on how to update the $PATH value, see our blog post "How to permanently update your shell $PATH".