freeCodeCamp Basic HTML and HTML5 Certification – Complete Study Guide (1 Hour Video)

“How do you learn to code?”

When I started coding about a decade ago, that was a difficult question to answer.

Projects like Codecademy were just around the corner, but because there weren’t as many interactive resources as there are now, I relied on long tutorials and books to pick up the basics of HTML, CSS, and Ruby on Rails.

Ten years later, the “Learn to code online” ecosystem is drastically different. There are a ton of interactive programming tools out there, and everyone (including me) is publishing blog posts, videos, and courses.

In a way, it may actually be more overwhelming to start now than it was a decade ago.

freeCodeCamp stands out in that huge ecosystem. It’s a non-profit organization that publishes thousands of hours of free courses, blog posts, and videos.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking recently about the basics—HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—and how I could teach it on my YouTube channel.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, I realized that a valuable resource I could provide would be an up-to-date “codethrough” of freeCodeCamp’s incredible curriculum: walking through every exercise, lesson, and challenge, and adding my own spin on it where possible.

Today, I’m starting that challenge by releasing my code walkthrough of freeCodeCamp’s Basic HTML and HTML5 curriculum, where you’ll learn about HTML tags, attributes, and inputs. Watch the video below, or on YouTube:

I also have published a study guide for the corresponding CSS certification – check it out!