freeCodeCamp Basic CSS Certification – Complete Study Guide (1 Hour Video)

Last week, I shared what I’ve been working on recently — an up-to-date “codethrough” of freeCodeCamp’s curriculum: walking through every exercise, lesson, and challenge, and adding my own spin on it where possible.

I also shared the first video in the series, covering the basics of HTML, including tags, attributes, and basic input handling.

Today, I’m releasing episode two: almost ninety minutes covering the basics of CSS, covering freeCodeCamp’s “Basic CSS” module in their Responsive Web Design certification.

There’s a ton to dig into here, so much so that when I tried to paste the Table of Contents for the video into this newsletter, it broke my editor 💀

Instead, here’s a quick glance at the important stuff you’ll learn:

  • Using CSS classes and IDs to target HTML elements
  • Importing and working with custom Google Fonts
  • How to use padding and margin to space and position elements
  • The clockwise notation as a way to always remember how to correctly set padding and margin, in order — this was new to me! 🤯
  • CSS colors, and how to set them using hex codes and the RGB format
  • Defining and using CSS variables for more re-usable CSS code
  • How to use media queries to style your HTML based on screen size, width, and more

That’s just a quick glance — there’s about 45 exercises and lessons in total — and whether you’re new to CSS, scared to jump in, or an expert who could use some quick exercises as a little morale boost, you should check out the video and let me know what you learn!

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